Spring 2012

Canon Spring 2012

Theme: Liberty & Liberalism

DS Mattison, Editor, Philosophy

DS Mattison is a PhD student in philosophy at the New School for Social Research
Whitney Campbell, Editor, AnthropologyWhitney Campbell Whitney Campbell received her MA in anthropology from the New School for Social Research, where she studied the intersections between political ecology and public health. In addition to editing Canon, she also blogs for Nature at Scitable’s Green Screen.
Max Symuleski, Editor, Historical Studies

Max is an MA student in the Historical Studies program at the New School for Social Research. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2005 with a BA in Art History and Theory. At the New School, Max has concentrated on the history of the built environment in the U.S. and Europe, with topics ranging from colonial planning to religious utopias in the U.S. during the Second Great Awakening. He is currently working on a thesis project connecting urban planning discourses in the U.S. during the Cold War to radical architectural projects in the 60s and 70s. A life-long lover of the built environment, Max plans to continue these urban inquiries in an Architecture PhD program.
Kenneth Anderson, Web Editor, Media Studiesandersonenvy Kenneth Anderson was a Media Studies grad student at The New School. He has made websites since 2003, and currently works with Canon. He just graduated. His website is www.andersonenvy.com
Justin Allen, Culture & Media/Literary StudiesJustin Allen Justin is an undergraduate writing major at Eugene Lang College. He is a board member of the grassroots social and economic justice organization QUEEROCRACY, webmaster for the student organization Students of the African Diaspora (S.O.A.D.) and runs a personal blog that he takes more seriously than he’d like you to think. Posts focus mainly on the intersection of identity politics and pop culture. You know you wanna visit: sorryexcuseforasociallife.tumblr.com.
Jacob Assa, EconomicsJacob Assa Jacob Assa is a Ph.D. student in economics at the New School for Social Research. He graduated from Hunter College (CUNY) in 2003 with a B.A. in economics and earned his M.A. in economics from the New School for Social Research in 2011. His interests include political economy, history of economic thought, and labor economics. https://jacobassa.wordpress.com/
Andrew Beyea, Liberal StudiesAndrew Beyea Andrew Beyea is a graduating student in the Liberal Studies MA Program. He was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey and graduated with a BA in English from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. He completed his MA Thesis on Pierre Bayle and Libertinage Érudit under the guidance of professor Gina Luria Walker and is looking forward to researching the relationship between Bayle and Mary Hays for professor Walker’s Female Biography Project. Andrew plans to attain a PhD in Intellectual History and become a lecturer.
Mario Hernandez, SociologyMario Hernandez Mario Hernandez is a PhD student in sociology at the New School for Social Research. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004 witha BA in sociology and a minor in political economy. His current work is in media and cultural studies with particular reference to the creation, communication and embodiment of social norms which shape our “everyday” or “common sense” of the world.
Rebecca Nison, Creative WritingRebecca Nison Rebecca Nison is an MFA student in creative writing at The New School for Public Engagement.  She writes stories and makes paintings.  She works for Parsons’ School of Art and Design History and Theory.
Amanda Wallace, Historical StudiesAmanda Wallace

Amanda Wallace has just completed her first year as a master’s degree candidate in the Historical Studies department.  Her areas of academic interests are Renaissance England, the American Revolution, and Ancient Rome.  She is currently working on research for her master’s thesis on classical influences in Elizabethan rhetoric.

Special Thanks
Tsuya Yee, Graduate Faculty Student Senate, University Student Senate, Special Collections, Research Center, University of Chicago Library, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Wikimedia Creative Commons