Fall 2002

Canon Magazine Fall 2002

Theme: U.S. vs. The World?

Letter from the Editor
“Now Ain’t the Time for Your Tears”: Why Things Are Worse Than They Appear By Michael Weinman
The Case for the War, from the Left

Siding With Hitchens By Mark Grueter
Party Politics 2002: The Blind Lead the Lame

In Praise of Direct and Active Men By Andrew Gold
The Stern Measuring Yardstick of Modernity

Plenty of Blame, but None for Us By Joseph Varga
The Halycon Days of Academic Compliance

Pipes’ Dreams By Debbie Goldgaber
Do the New Suits Even Know What They’re Voting For?

Pulling the Boss’s Lever By Chris FARA1
America the Inscrutable

Another Version of the Truth By Sarah Stodola
The End of the End of the World News

Time, Trauma and Meaning in the Hyper-Apocalypse By Erica Weitzman
So They Gave Him a Tin Hat, and They Gave Him a Gun

Bob Kerrey’s Bogus Journey By Vince Carducci
Manhattan Bridge Dream By Daniel Lang