Fall 2003

Canon Magazine Fall 2003

Theme: The Future of The GF and Leftist Education

From the Editor

It Is Before Our Eyes By Andrew Gold
Contributors, Stray Thoughts
Mother Tongue By Joanne Strausser
Dennis Ross Searching for a Solution By Michael Kaplan
The World’s Forecast By Jacques Boudois (as told to Federico Sor)
What Mr. Mahathir Understands By Andrew Gold
People Unlike Us: A Case for Diversity By Mark Grueter
Knowing Your Rights From Your Lefts By Suzanne Wexler
The Weeding Between the Lines: The Future of the Fogelman Library By Nicholas Allanach
Stray Thoughts
Power to the Students By Britton Calvert
Conversing With Kerrey By Mark Grueter
Essay Contest Third Place Winner

A Defense of History: Thinking of the Future, Yearning for the Past By Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
Essay Contest Second Place Winner

In Defense of Larry Summers By Shel Kimen
Essay Contest First Place Winner

The Dangers of a Latter-Day Left By Debbie Goldbager
Now You See Him By Becca Wolfson
The Strokes Are Now By Evan Feldman
Homage Overload and Honorable Revenge By Andrew Gold
A Video Clerk’s Self-Indulgence By Ilya Gofman
State of the Union By Andrew Gold
Pinochet By Andrew Gold
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