Fall 2004

Canon Magazine Fall 2004

Theme: Democracy

Contents, “Show Me What Democracy Looks Like”
From an Editor…

Dying for Recognition By Nicholas Allanach
From the other Editor…

Dear Reader, By Chris Sullivan
Talk on the Table

GFSS puts student concerns on New School Agenda By Vince Carducci
First Place Essay Contest Winner

The Slavery of Freedom By Britton Calvert
The Two Directions of American Democracy By Matt Gritter
In Defense of Ralph Nader By Toby Shepherd
Second Place Essay Contest Winner

Fertilizing the Tree of Liberty: Towards a Renewal of American Democracy By Steve Szyszko
Third Place Essay Contest Winner

The Possibility of Justice in the Space of Everyday Life By Anthony Verouhis
Progress or Dystopia? A Review of Cornel West’s Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism By Tim Novak
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