Fall 2005

Canon Magazine Fall 2005

Theme: Is The Cellphone The New Codpiece?

Cyber-eye for the Hard Up Guy by Daniel A. Bastard
Cream of Craig by Yonatan Reinberg
Chick Lit, Click Lit by Jessica Pascoe
Product Reviews by Alex McCown
Turkish Stache by Basak Ertür
The Borg we shall become by Ethan Rand Robert McCarty
Short Story

Upgrade by Erin Snyder
The Art of Transhumanism by Nicholas Allanach
[Cyb]Organization: The Hackers Manifesto by Damon Peters
The Case of Candy Gal by Geeti Das
This Machine Fights Fascism: Digital Democratization with Open Source Software by Fred Cocozzelli
The New School for Humor

Freundster by Will Murray
Short Story

Welcome! You’ve got Sins by Annie Levin
A Cellphone Named Desire: Posthumanism of the New Intermedia by Stéphane Symons, Tomasz Kitlinkski, and Joe Lockard
Litel myn cell by Unknown
Thinking Outside the Pod by Gila Ashtor
A Cameraman in the Field of Vision by Jack Lamport
New Net City: Web Politics in the Global Village by Shel Kimen
Short Story

Edison’s Clusters by Chris Braak
Shared Sentiments: Tackling Tears in an Age of Podpeople by Florian Duijsens
The Base is 2 by Shante Bohannon
Who Do You Belong To?: Memoirs of a Cybersexual by Giovanna Coppola
Robot in Saskatchewan by Jeremy Schmall