Fall 2006

Canon Magazine Fall 2006

Theme: Travel & Tourism


Crossroads by Andra Nita

Venezia Ad Infinitum – Polychronism and the Jewel of the Sea by Will Murray

The Bourgeois Explorer: A Trip Through Time in the Travel Section by Louis Seamster

A Political Guide For Disguised Tourists by Choong-Hoon Lee

Takeoff Photograph by Andra Nita

Before And After by Alessandra Seggi

The Road To Woldia by Josh Billig

A Tuscan Wine Trail by Giovanna Coppola

Snapshots of an Autoethnography by Kimberly Spring

Postcard of Baghdad

Recounting Baghdad by Andra Nita

Puddle Photograph by Tim Ganotis

“I Traveled Far and Too Long” by KT Chun

Piazza Della Republica – 21.vii.2001, the tenth anniversary of my first period by Giovanna Coppola

¡Feliz Melenio! by Tai Young-Taft

Lost in Translation Photograph by Andra Nita

Football in London by Eugene Rabkin

Sex Tourism by Alex McCown