Fall 2008

Theme: Academic Freedom and the Corporatization of the University


Dechen Albero, Political ScienceDechen Albero Dechen Albero is a Ph.D student in the Politics Department of the New School for Social Research. His interests are in researching and writing about gender, sexuality, identity and violence. He is currently working on his dissertation proposal, focusing on women’s role in the organization and execution of the Rwandan genocide.
Chris Crews, Political ScienceChris Crews, Political Science Chris Crews is a media activist and writer from the foothills of Appalachia, and currently working towards a Ph.D in the Department of Politics at the New School. He has been involved in media production since an early age, and enjoys playing with mixed media, film and paint. His current work is focused on immigration politics in the media and the intersection of nationalism, identity politics and homeland security mainfiest in the United States. He also loves to bake, cook food, discuss anarchist theory and practices, and generally be a neo-shamanic trickster. His web site is www.chriscrews.org.
Geeti Das, Political Science
Johann Jaeckel, Economics
Geeti and Johann were born in a class on the political economy of development about two years ago. Ever since, they keep learning about all kinds of things from each other, such as useless vocabulary, the deeper meaning of the Big Mac Index, and the riven-ness of the field. What field? All fields. They like gin & tonic. They don’t like Bob Kerrey – with or without the lime.
Carlos Figueroa, Political ScienceCarlos Figueroa, Political Science Carlos Figueroa is writing his Ph.D. dissertation in Political Science at the New School for Social Research as fast as humanly possible. His scholarly interests range from U.S. political history, comparative religion, and legal theory to literary criticism, and the history of ideas. But he finds reading and writing poetry, fiction and philosophical meditations his ‘closet’ passions. Enjoys experimenting with cooking, drinking wine, and is a life-long NY Mets and NY Giants fan! Dedicates his recent meditations and poetry to his beautiful wife Lucía, and his always caring mother Virginia.
Justin Humphreys, Editor, PhilosophyJustin Humphreys, canon editor, Philosophy Justin Humphreys is a graduate student in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York. His academic interests include ancient ethics and political philosophy, the philosophy of science and mathematics, and the theoretical grounds of the social sciences. As an undergraduate, he studied science and mathematics but ultimately earned a bachelors degree in the Classics from Reed College. He worked in finance before enrolling at the New School. He enjoys traveling, writing, and playing chess.
Marika Josephson, PhilosophyMarika Josephson, Philosophy Marika Josephson is $60,000 in debt and waited in a mob for ten minutes yesterday to use one of two working elevators at 79 Fifth Avenue. At the suggestion of an anonymous professor at the New School, she advocates that students calculate the class time they lose by waiting for the elevators and subtract it from their annual tuition.
Theresa Morris, Philosophy Theresa has a (newly minted) Ph.D in Philosophy, and her research has been on the philosophy of Hans Jonas, on the topic of the relation of the human being to nature and the role of ethics in that relation.  She has been a writer of poetry for close to 30 years.  She loves the word, and how it can bring the truth to light. Some of her work can be viewed at www.poetryfish.com
Shaun Nanavati, PsychologyShaun Nanavati, Psychology Shaun Nanavati has been telling stories all his life. He was formerly the editor of The Catalyst while an undergraduate at Bucknell, where he was influenced profoundly by the beats Ginsberg, Kerouac, Gary Snyder, and Paul Bowles. Chasing the ghost of Jack Kerouac, he spent five psychonautically-inspired years in Boulder where he was a journalist for The Boulder Weekly. He is now a graduate student in Psychology at the New School and can be occasionally found sharing adventures from his youth at coffee shops and pubs throughout the West Village.
Jeff Purchla, SociologyJeff Purchla Jeff Purchla received a Masters in Arts from the Department of Sociology, where he identified with the discipline’s interactionist tradition.  His writing orchestrates the living depths of experience,and has examined processes of control, norms, exclusion, and gender roles in music subcultures. These are his first published poems. He may be contacted at jeff.purchla@gmail.com
Rachel Signer, Editor, AnthropologyRachel Signer, canon editor, Anthropology Rachel is an MA student in anthropology and the editor of Canon Magazine. Her passions lie in the intersections between arts and activism, and she hopes to follow these interests in the pursuit of a Ph.D. project that combines research, practice, and intervention. Meanwhile, she continues to engage with the multiplicitous multitude, in search of a way out of (a way through? beyond? between?) the structure-agency dilemma.
Ted Strauss, PsychologyTed Strauss Ted Strauss grew up in Winnipeg, one of the coldest places in the world.  His writing is often accompanied by music. He’s in the Psychology Department at the NSSR.  Ted is based in Brooklyn, and basted in bourbon.
Eric Taylor, Anthropology Eric Taylor is a Master’s student in the Anthropology Department at the New School for Social Research.
Glenn W. Wekony, Global Finance Glenn Wekony is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Global Finance. He is a member of the Federalist Society, and his personal hero is Gordon Gekko.
Justin Wolf, Editor, Liberal StudiesJustin Wolf Justin Wolf graduated in January ’09 with a Master’s in Liberal Studies, and not a moment too soon, what with today’s job market clamoring for folks well versed in the liberal arts. He began working for canon in the fall of ’07, when he and former co-editor Suzanne Farrell converted the magazine from print to an online format. He is currently writing for The Art Story Foundation.