the Berlin wall was like a very wide joke. as if

it were possible to (divide) the world, like
the air we breathe won’t continue to be the same
and the blood running through our veins will
cease pulsing with identical
components. the wall
proposed to make of humanity a right brain and a left
brain, such that one-can-only-be-this or one-can-only-
be-that (choose! choose Freedom! choose

Solidarity! one chooses nothing (. one is imposed upon by the in-
quisition. one converts and proves dedication. I
(confess I have sinned)
one is
one is

two. halves do not make a whole, indeed
they are (w)hol(e)y fictive as entities
at all. The East Never Existed! Neither Did The
West (ward-ho!). The Palestine

wall is like a very long
(it’s a very) very wide
very tall, it’s. a
like a

(stop, (don’t talk about it. the halves
are one. And yet they are None. the Palestine

(let’s try again wall. does not provide a choice, one
wields a gun (bomb) or one lives behind a veil. of
state secrets and death
squads (God is holy God is one) state is
two (halves are) the wall the wailing wall the sinful
wall, I confess I have
been divided. in
two. make me whole again please I

choose wholeness, I choose

holiness, I