Fall 2010

Theme: Collaboration

Mary Dooe, Editor, Liberal Studies Having long extolled the virtues of a short attention span, and completing an undergraduate degree in anthropology and history, Mary has found herself a graduate student in Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research. While her current focus is on consumption and the media, it is bound to change any second. She also enjoys colonial American re-enactments, the New Journalism, and brief interludes of creative writing. As the new Canon co-editor for the upcoming year, she looks forward to reading anything and everything New School students can come up with.
DS Mattison, Editor, Philosophy
Abigail Johnson, Editor, Economics

Abigail is an MA graduate student in Economics at NSSR. She enjoys studying international trade and development theories, and watching Law & Order. She also edits high school textbooks. She will graduate in the spring.
Kenneth Anderson, Designer, Media Studiesandersonenvy Kenneth Anderson is a Media Studies grad student at The New School. He has created and designed websites since 2003, and currently works with Canon. The longest academic paper he’s ever written was 3 pages long. His website is www.andersonenvy.com
Dechen Albero, Political Science Dechen Albero is a PhD student in Political Science at the New School for Social Research. He previously served in the United States Peace Corps to Moldova where he directed the Gender, Youth and Development program and was a consultant for non-governmental organizations. His current research focuses on gender and citizenship in post-genocide Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region.
Lauren Downing, Fashion StudiesLauren Downing Lauren Downing is an MA student in Fashion Studies at Parsons the New
School for Design and holds a dual-BA in Art History and Anthropology
from Washington University in St. Louis. Her current research examines
the intersections between art and fashion in the museum and within the
emerging field of Fashion Studies. Other interests include
contemporary curatorial practices, retro and vintage fashions,
antifashion and fashion blogging.
Rachel Feldman, AnthropologyRachel Feldman Rachel Feldman is a first year graduate student in Anthropology at The New School. This article was inspired by her work in 2009-2010 as an AmeriCorps Vista with The North 5th Street Revitalization Project in Philadelphia. As an undergraduate, Rachel attended Franklin and Marshall College where she studied Judaic Studies and Biology. Rachel’s research interests include Urban and Political Anthropology, Public Art, Citizenship, Eastern Europe and The Middle East. Rachel is also a passionate dancer, who collaborates with musicians to perform improvisational works.
Jack Fitzgerald, PhilosophyJack Fitzgerald Jack Fitzgerald lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently completing his M.A thesis in Philosophy at The New School for Social Research. His poetry and fiction work has been published in a number of literary journals including Open City and an anthology of immerging writers by Soft Skull Press.
Nahed Habiballah, SociologyNahed Habiballah, Sociology Nahed Habiballah is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the New School for Social Research. Her research interests are sociology of Religion and Political Sociology with an emphasis on the Middle East in general and Israel/Palestine in particular. Nahed has a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Human Rights & Democracy from the University of Malta. She has worked as a researcher in a Palestinian NGO (Panorama) in Ramallah, on refugee issues. Additionally, she has taken a position as a Program Officer in the UN World Food Program in Jerusalem. She has received her BA degree from the University of Haifa in Archeology and English Literature.
Anya Kurennaya, Fashion StudiesAnya Kurennaya Anya Kurennaya is a graduate student in the newly launched MA Fashion Studies program at Parsons, having previously studied linguistics and foreign languages at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and at McGill University in Montreal. She also served as the editor in chief of Scribendi, a student-run art and literature magazine representing the work of honors students from 220 schools in the thirteen-state Western US region. She relishes studying the intersections between fashion, art, graphic design, and linguistics on a day-to-day basis but likes to take the academic edge off by decorating her apartment, making guacamole, and watching classic 1980s hair metal videos.
Aaron Miller, Liberal StudiesAaron Miller Aaron Miller is a graduate student at the New School for Social Research currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. He received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration with a focus in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Greig Roselli, PhilosophyGreig Roselli Greig Roselli is a first year graduate student in the philosophy department at the New School for Social Research and also teaches English and Math at a local Yeshiva. His essay on Youth and Masculinity and the Shattering of Sight in Orhan Pamuk’s Snow was recently included in Essays Interpreting the Writings of Novelist Orhan Pamuk published in 2009 by the Edwin Mellen Press. He is currently working on a project to write his way through all 468 New York City subway stations as a series of literary essays.
Neil Russell, Political Science Neil Russell is a second year MA student in the Political Science department at NSSR. After a period working as a news reporter in Scotland both in newspapers and the online arm of Scottish Television, he moved to New York for postgraduate studies with a scholarship from the St Andrew’s Society for the State of New York. His interests are representations of political Islam in a Western context and politics in the Arab world. Currently Neil is working on the impact of external aid in Yemen in increasing the authoritarian tendencies of the regime.
Oli Stephano, PhilosophyOli Stephano, Philosophy Oli Stephano is busy thinking about affective ethics, sex and embodiment as a graduate student in Philosophy at the New School. He lives in NYC.
Max Utzschneider, PhilosophyMax Utzschneider Max Utzschneider graduated from George Washington University in 2009, and is a second year MA student in the philosophy department. His primary philosophical interests lie in Hegel, Marx, and their progeny. After completing his MA, he plans to attend law school.