Letter: From the Editorial Team

To All Social Researchers:

After four years as a web-only journal, Canon has made its way back onto the printed page. We all feel strongly that a web-only journal does not do justice to the brilliant and pioneering work of the New School for Social Research (and affiliated) student body. For that reason, we, as your editors, are committed to upholding Canon as a relevant, rigorous, and rewarding student-run publication. At the same time, we feel a website that allows for interaction and feedback from our readers is vital in today’s environment, and so we have also given Canon an online makeover that can be found at www.canononline.org.

Despite the long and disjointed history of the journal, one facet of Canon has held strong throughout – the use of a theme to tie each issue together. As each of us come from the varied academic backgrounds of liberal studies, economics, and philosophy, we each made a commitment to bring together our breadth and depth of knowledge to produce something spectacular. Inspired by both our work together on this interdisciplinary journal, and the nature of the NSSR as a whole, this issue’s theme, collaboration, came to us immediately.

Collaboration functions on a number of levels within the enclosed pages. Inside you will find an co-written expose that speaks to the collaborative efforts of authors Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari; a spotlight on the new and highly collaborative MA Fashion Studies program at Parsons; an interview with Simon Critchley on what collaboration could possibly mean; and a host of interesting papers which touch upon issues of collaboration both directly and indirectly.   We might argue, moreover, that any human endeavor is ultimately collaborative, as we, even the un-repenting solipsists among us, do not exist in hermetically sealed non-social bubbles. Or as Spinoza says in his Ethics, “Man is a social animal (Pt. IV, Prop: 35, note).”

On this note, we would like to encourage you, our reader, to critically engage with any article or musing printed herein via letter, email or even a Facebook post. One of our great hopes is to establish a substantial “Letters” section, which will provide continuity from one issue to the next, and will also serve to underscore the intense critical awareness that inhabits the core of our collective student body.

Another element crucial to our vision is to have each theme incorporate and lean upon the next. We are well aware of the mutability and flexibility of language and for this reason all themes heretofore shall be both as fluid and as plastic as possible. At the end of the day, however, our mission is to establish Canon in its rightful place as an important and timely platform for the New School student voice.

Sincerely, your Editors

Mary Dooe, Abigail Johnson, and Diana Mattison