Selected Poems (3)

By K. Jody Rucks

Ode to Atheism

Atheism, fresh air for a prisoner,
Infinite sky beyond a removed rooftop of a dank mental cell.
Atheism, bridge of the cosmos,
Circuitry of energy bonding you, I, and we.
Atheism, dimension birthing explosion,
Big Bang making small minds great galaxies of speculation.

Sweet Atheism,
your name must be yelled from yon hills,
from the flowing waters
in yon entangled jungles of slave consciousness.

Your image must be sprayed
on yon concrete walls of
privately owned factories of deception.
Your bare, supple breast photographed,
then displayed on televisions transmitting till now
premeditatedly ir-religious advertisements.

Your hair, sweet Atheism,
pulled in braids to provide life ropes
to peace. Peace, who now is stuck
in a cave on a cliff on a mountain
of dead homo sapien thought,
pleading for help, knees broken,
crown now hidden beneath earthen
treacherous constructed filth.

Atheism, horse-ridden messenger of tomorrow,
Ally received by those of the past with tears and terror.
Atheism, skull of a mirror’s reflection,
White Death jeering at silly conscious cowardness.
Atheism, great Sun of existence,
Heat ball, thaw of artic beliefs imprisoning ‘souls.’

Sweet Atheism,
humbler of narcissistic anthropocentrism,
embracing scorn, crying orgasm,
bringer of tear-filled flowing streams
of freedom, of Love, and Life.

From the hills, Atheism!
from the flowing jungles, Atheism!
from the private televisions, Atheism!
and from the earthen mountains, Atheism!

Images of Philosophy, Pt. One

1. River of Reality
resists Finality with Existence.

The still running waters of kinetic physical existence
moving through and as space-time.
The water of cosmological existence.
Flowing multi-dimensional reality as only the secrets
of the Universe itself can reveal.
Sweet chill water of Reality.
River flows infinitely
defying the Finality of stagnation
into the bed of Existence.

The flowing river of Reality;
our consciousness ignoring nonexistence.

2. Father Finality
in Existence’s Reality is Resistance

Stern patriarch, disapproving of its offspring
teaching though scolding the child’s foolishness.
King Father reliving his youth through Reality.
The father of mind, losing wife Life thus begrudging
his blind toddler Oedipus.
Dying Father Finality and his family.
Guilt bringing Father
creating Resistance
by existing in Reality

Cuckold Father Death;
the teleos of life, the motor of human self-evolution.

3. Itch of Existence
in Finality resists Reality.

The infinitely unseen calculations that allow the system
to operate and to calculate.
The instinct towards all of Life-Death.
The crawling urge which is the dialectic of potentiality
the must to the is.
All powerful itch of Existence.
Infinite itch in death
resisting and wedding
in all of Reality.

The internal itch of Existence;
our ego denying our own arbitrariness.

4. Heart Resistance
in Reality exists (in)Finality

Bump, bump, bumping muscle of all
motoring every move of Existence.
Heart of living infinity.
The blood wheel spinning every particle in part
and thus the whole of all.
Active Resistance as the core of the universe.
Heart of Existence
Resistance’s bump
mirrors Death in all of Reality’s Existence

Steady heart Resistance;
dialectic of Existence, the stepping forwards of praxis.


K. Jody Rucks, a first year Liberal Studies student, is an avant-garde auteur and poet. His artistic work is a fusion of his interests in philosophy and social change. He has written, directed, and produced several short films, and has written three feature length screenplays, in addition to over 40 poems and short stories.