Spring 2003

Canon Magazine Spring 2003

Theme: The Politics of Language

Inside Cover

Letter From the Editor

canon Essay Contest Winner: 1st Prize

Offensive Art: Polemic as Comedy and Exposition by Mark Grueter
canon Essay Contest Winner: 2nd Prize

The Power of Political Words: “Regime Change” and the Drive towards War by Alex Urevick
canon Essay Contest Winner: 3rd Prize

Ode to a Body in Four Parts (with Remnants) by Kimberly Bartosik
How We Communicate, and Why

Understanding or Truth? by Elizabeth Donovan
Walter Benjamin’s Politics of the Pure Word

Melancholia, Mourning, and the Task of the Translator by Adam Rosen
On Writing, Technology, and Cups of Coffee

The Advance of the Written Word by Sarah Stodola
Must We Say What We Mean?: Political Language and the Contruction of Reality by Amy Sodaro
Keeping Poets Outside the Republic’s Gates

Poetry and Contamination by Marcela Romero Rivera
Through a Windowpane Darkly

The Deception of Good Writing by Andrew Gold
When They Kick at Your Front Door, How You Gonna Come?

The Guns of Littleton by Erica Weitzman

Peace, 1948 Style: Regional War and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict by Hilla Dayan
The New Newspeak

On “Pre-emptive War” by Carlos Figueroa
Post-9/11 Laws Affect International Students

New INS Regulations and the New School by Andrew Gold
Hermetic by Erica Wietzman
Contributors, Back Cover