Spring 2004

Canon Magazine Spring 2004

Theme: Dreaming of America

Contents, Contributors
Editor’s Note: November Second and Ending September 11th By Andrew Gold
Remains: Romania After the Fall By Chris Sullivan
National Defenses By Adam Rosen
Real Tim Politics in Venzuela By Ana Mallen
There’s Always Smack: A Review of “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72″ By Mark Grueter
Into the Bowels of Intelligence: An Interview with Thomas Powers By Stuart Schrader
On the Nonsense About Strauss By Andrew Schmidt
Second Place Essay Contest Winner

Race Trader By Catherine Pickavet
First Place Essay Contest Winner

Dreamtime of the Inlanders By Vince Carducci
Sailing the Seas of American Cheese By Samantha Bankston
The Simulated Life By Nicholas Allanach
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