Spring 2006

Canon Magazine Spring 2006

Theme: Religion Decadence

Index of Works by the Local Genii
From the Editor, Annie Levin
Holy Decadence! Adapted by Annie Levin

section: bling
10 Reasons to Wear an Abaya by Zofin Taher
That Which Will Strike Some as Repellant by Steven Dube
You Can Dance if You Want To by Jack Lamport
A Mormon Mad Lib! Religion Wear Daily – Fashion Report by Jessica Pascoe
Age of Pisces by Geeti Das
To Ganymede, Before Your Move to Mount Olympus by Amy Lawless
Picture by Wes Berg
My Relationship with Sin by Jeremy Schmall

section: CHRIST
On Catholic Education Sex Ed Humiliation by Meegan Thompson
Play N’ With the King of Hearts Picture by Aaron Nugua
The Ballad of Dennis Christ (and Introductory Note) by Daniel A. Bastard

subsection: (FLaSHer)
Catholic Underwear by Giovanna Coppola
Driving Alone in the Middle of the Night Along Old Country Road on Rt 199 Talking to Extraterrestrials, Imaginary Friends, and Myself by Giovanna Coppola

section: cuLt
Love is Lighter than Air by Annie Levin
Durkheim and Mothman: A 20th Century American Totem by Joe Laycock
Super Satan Illustration by Aaron Nugua

section: beauty
Ladies in rose by Mike Gedal
Paris Sketches by Rebecca Dolgoy
Salvation Lake by Annah Mackenzie
The Venezuelan Queen by Maria Christina Gonzalez
Pray by Jeremy Schmall
Ascetic’s Advice for Denial by Leisel M. Tarquini

section: TRUTH
Godisnowhere: Storytelling As Religion in the Novels of Douglas Coupland by Florian Duijsens
Gates of Gold by Erin Snyder
Inside the Holy of Holies Illustration by Rohan Juneja
Parables 1-13 by Florian Duijsens
Two Nihilists Meet Outside Church, Eastern Colorado by Jeremy Schmall
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