Spring 2007

Theme: Language and Culture


Veritas One by Tara Kiprik

Archives of a Man by Suzanne Farrell

What Gods There Be by Steven Newman

Line Graphs and Backslapping by Damien Lennon

The Orphan by Amy Oozounian

Today by Aaron Knaul

A Brief Analysis of the Language-Culture Crisis in Turn of the Century Germany by Aaron Jaffe

This Modern Love by Thomas Jockin

She Used To Want It by Aaron Knaul

Wall Street & The English Language by Eugene Rabkin

From Structural Linguistics to Political Action: Saussure’s Influence on Laclau and Mouffe’s Theory of Discourse by Ritchie Savage

Young Patriotism by Tara Kiprik

I Promise… by Carlos Figueroa

Adventures in Formalism or I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Going to Take it Some More by Nolen Gertz

We’re In The Army Now by the Graduate Faculty Student Senate

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Thanks from the editors by Andra Nita and Giovanna Coppola