Spring 2011

Canon Magazine Spring 2011

Theme: Ethics & Aesthetics

Mary Dooe, Editor, Liberal StudiesMary Dooe Having long extolled the virtues of a short attention span, and completing an undergraduate degree in anthropology and history, Mary has found herself a graduate student in Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research. While her current focus is on consumption and the media, it is bound to change any second. She also enjoys colonial American re-enactments, the New Journalism, and brief interludes of creative writing. As the new Canon co-editor for the upcoming year, she looks forward to reading anything and everything New School students can come up with.
DS Mattison, Editor, Philosophy DS Mattison is a PhD student in philosophy at the New School for Social Research. 
Candan Turkan, Editor, Politics

Candan Turkkan was born in May 1, 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey. After completing her secondary education in Uskudar American Academy, she entered Sabaci University in 2004. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Sciences in 2008. She was in the New York University Politics department as a Fulbright scholar until 2010. Now, she is a MA student in The New School for Social Research Politics. Her research interests include the relationship of law and politics, theories of constitutional law, collective memory, nationalism, food history and 16th-20th century Ottoman cuisine.
Kenneth Anderson, Designer, Media Studiesandersonenvy Kenneth Anderson is a Media Studies grad student at The New School. He has made websites since 2003, and currently works with Canon. He lives in the East Village. His website is www.andersonenvy.com
Juniper Alcorn, PhilosophyJuniper Alcorn Juniper Alcorn is a master’s student entering her second year in the Philosophy department at the New School for Social Research.  Her academic interests include feminist metaphysics and epistemology, aesthetics, and post-humanism.  She used to have other interests and hobbies, and then she went to grad school.
Sam Ben-Meir, PhilosophySam Ben-Meir Sam Ben-Meir is currently teaching philosophy at Molloy College, while completing his PhD at the New School. His research interests include social/political philosophy, animal studies and embodiment. A long time resident of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Sam is also a jazz musician and composer.
Alissa Bugoslaw, SociologyAlissa Bugoslaw Alissa is a PhD student in the department of Sociology at the New School for Social Research. She received her BA in 2003 from the University of Minnesota in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. Her research interests include collective memory and identity, theories of citizenship, constitutionalism, and Sephardic Jewish history.
Patricia DeVries, Liberal StudiesPatricia DeVries Patricia de Vries is a MA student in Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a BA in Film and Visual Culture and  a MA in Cultural Analysis. Her current research focuses on the linkages between justice and violence from a philosophical perspective.
Rachel Feldman, AnthropologyRachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman is a first year graduate student in Anthropology at The New School. As an undergraduate, Rachel attended Franklin and Marshall College where she studied modern Jewish history and literature as well as biology. Before coming to The New School, Rachel spent a year as an AmeriCorps Vista, working on an urban revitalization project in North Philadelphia. Rachel’s research interests include urban and political anthropology, public art, feminist theory, and citizenship with a regional focus on Israel/Palestine and Eastern Europe. Rachel is also a passionate dancer, who collaborates with musicians to perform improvisational works.
Mykolas Gudelis, Political ScienceMykolas Gudelis Mykolas is originally from Lithuania. He was born in the former USSR, former Soviet Republic of Lithuania. He was one of the millions of happy soviet children. He was born into the family of a farther, cameraman of the National Lithuanian Television and mother, engineer. Mykolas has a younger (but way more successful) brother – he is an architect. In his youth Mykolas was enjoying his student life, traveling USSR and having great expectations of himself and the world. That lasted until reality kicked in in the 1990’s in the form of ‘Velvet Revolutions’ of Eastern Europe. Ever since he lost the ground under his feet and begun wandering the World. Mykolas traveled Europe, sailed around the world as a chef (not a celebrity one) on the cruise ship, lived in Czech Republic and Ireland while always maintaining position as the drummer in some band. (He played in six of them…) Mykolas still believes that Rock’n’Roll will safe the world and that Heavy Metal brought down the Soviet Union. Mykolas came to the US in 2005. In 2007 he moved to New York to study at the New School. Currently he is a PhD student in Politics department studying political theory.
Clate Korsant, AnthropologyClate Korsant I have always had a passion for photography and finally created a business out of the hobby in 2009, creating a platform for producing gallery shows and selling photos.  I began teaching middle school and high school social studies after graduating Colorado College in 2005 with a degree in history.  My teaching career took me to Puerto Rico where I was able to continue my passion for travel photography along with teaching.  I have traveled extensively in Europe and South East Asia among other exciting places such as Sao Paolo, pictured in this article.  I remain excited to be continuing a career in education at NSSR.  I find that anthropology certainly informs photography, and perhaps visa-versa, allowing for creative and intellectual outlet while still involved with learning and teaching.
Max Lockie, Political Science Max Lockie Max is a native New Yorker who happened to spend 15 years living in Atlanta, Georgia. Since completing his undergraduate education in Political Science at Georgia State University he has worked at various organizations including Human Rights Watch and The Carter Center, and in August of 2010 he started an MA in Politics at The New School.  His academic interests include social theories of democracy, future studies, and the history of political thought.  He is currently doing Ethnographic research on the canning economy in New York City and looks forward to overnight bicycle adventures over the summer.
Cam McDonald, AnthropologyCam McDonald Cam’s intellectual haunts include historical anthropology, subjectivity, knowledge production, belief and belonging, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and nationalism. His past research projects have ranged from a historical ethnography of race and colonial development in the U.S. Virgin Islands to the cultural poetics of drag. Currently, he is studying the ways in which recent converts to Judaism and Islam in Southern Spain understand themselves as historical and national subjects in terms of “cultural heritage.” He is a first-year student in anthropology at NSSR and lives in West Harlem with his partner Bryan, a journalist and cultural critic.
Aaron Miller, Liberal StudiesAaron Miller Aaron Miller is a graduate student at the New School for Social Research currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. He received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration with a focus in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He loves sandwiches.
Ben Norris, Philosophy Benjamin Norris is a philosophy masters student. His interests include psychoanalysis, deconstruction, and the work of Francois Laruelle.
Ricky Price, Political ScienceRicky Price J. Ricky Price is a PhD student in Politics at NSSR. His research centers around queer biopolitics, affect, and crisis.
Oli Stephano, PhilosophyOli Stephano, Philosophy Oli Stephano is busy thinking about affective ethics, sex and embodiment as a graduate student in Philosophy at the New School. He lives in NYC.
Zachary Tutlane, Liberal StudiesZachary Tutlane Zachary Tutlane is a graduate student in the Liberal Studies department. He received a B.A. in Art History from Temple University, and an M.S. in Education from CUNY Hunter College. His work tends to focus on 19th and early 20th century French Literature. He lives in Brooklyn.
Howell Williams, Political ScienceHowell Williams H. Howell Williams is a PhD student in the Politics department at NSSR. His research interests include feminist and queer theory and American conservative thought and history. His current work analyzes “the family” as a site of conservative political argumentation in the 20th and 21st centuries.