Letter from the Editors

Dear Social Researchers,

Letting the collaborative spirit wash over us last semester really got us thinking – what kind of theme could we use for this semester that would the same kind of scope and relevance to the New School community? Unable to ignore those stylish undergrads over at Parsons, we got on the track of style in general. Then we realized, aesthetics and larger issues of ethics, morality, and politics are truly all intricately connected. And thus, the Ethics and Aesthetics issue was born.

After a great run in Fall 2010, we had an even more impressive contribution across disciplines for this Spring’s issue. Inside we look at everything from the productive capacity of Adam and Eve in Milton’s Paradise Lost to the questionable politics of Matisyahu’s brand of Jewish reggae to drag queens, pirates, and Brazilian street art.

And by no means does it end there. Inside this issue you will find numerous testatments to the fact that NSSR graduate research is riding high on the modern intellectual current. What you will find most evident, moreover, is that New School researchers are able to combine rigorous scholarly research with genuinely fascinating subject matter.

In closing, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Please remember to check our lovely website www.canononline.org often for wonderful posts germane to the issue currently circulating. You are both welcome and encouraged to post your own remarks and even to submit posts if you so desire. For those of you unable to pick up one of this semester’s 200 copies, fear not, for there will also be a full version up on the web!

Until Fall 2011, we wish you the best on your final papers and hope you all have a fantastic summer.

Sincerely, your editors,

Mary Dooe and Diana Mattison