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DS Mattison, Editor in Chief, PHD Philosophy

Scott Heins, Assistant Editor, Liberal Studies

Sarah Lillenberg, Designer/Illustrator, Design Studies


Stephen Kearse

Stephen Kearse is an anthropology student from Riverdale, Georgia. His interests are hip-hop, race, capital and the strange entanglements that occur when these topics collide. He enjoys playing basketball asking rappers questions.

Bryan Carter
Bryan Carter

Bryan is a political science PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, specializing in American politics and political theory.  His research examines the interconnectivity and productivity of political institutions in American communities of color as well as the political voice of marginalized citizens.  A native of South Carolina, he studied Political Science and African American Studies at Temple University and Politics at NSSR, between which he worked for national, education reform non-profits.

Javier Fernández Galeano

Javier Fernández Galeano

Javier Fernández Galeano studied history and social anthropology at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his graduate studies at the New School for Social Research. His most recent work focuses on Argentina during the seventies and eighties and examines military policies regarding homosexual practices, the emergence of the gay movement, and representations of male homosexuality in the press during the post-dictatorship period.

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi is a first year PhD student in Politics. Her research interest concerns state-religion relations in Western Europe and the US. Lara’s article Unveiled or Unemployed: The German unveiling policies-An ultimatum between Allah and Workwas published by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Gunda Werner Institute:Feminism and Gender Democracy in late 2012. Lara received her Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy.