Canon is always accepting submissions from graduate students at the New School for Social Research. Published at the end of every semester, any contributions will be happily edited, formated and printed with love and care.

The Spring 2011 issue’s theme is Ethics and Aesthetics. Open to interpretation, collaboration, and forward-imaginative thinking; consider submitting by May 1, 2011 for the Spring issue!

In the spirit of collaboration among disciplines, Canon welcomes individual or joint academic submissions, broadly relating to the semester theme; as well as other writing such as: journalistic accounts to events at the New School, responses by participants and attendees of conferences, papers/opinion pieces inspired by classes, or those pesky required term papers.

Canon Style Guidelines

Papers can be:
●       Academic papers – research projects, prior unpublished work, dissertation/masters thesis synopses
●       Theme-based poems, illustrations, and photographs
●       Critical letters and essays regarding the state of interdisciplinary studies at the New School
●       Written collaboratively, or focused on collaborative and interdisciplinary topics, loosely regarding the semester theme
●       250-2500 words
Please send abstracts and submissions to, or upload them below. Also please email us a photo and bio of yourself to be added to the “contributors” page!

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